Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about the Miracle Swimming Method?

The Miracle Swimming method is not about strokes or mechanics but learning how the water holds you up. Students go at their own pace and comfort. It is a fun way to learn to swim! Please visit to learn more about the method and the founder Melon Dash.

What are my options after the Beginning Class?

You may keep swimming on your own or take the Next Step class. There are also other classes available remotely through the Miracle Swimming for Adults web site which can found here.

What if I don’t want to share personal information during the talking sessions?

It is OK! You will never be asked to share any personal stories that you are not comfortable with. Participation in classroom and pool exercises is voluntary.

How do I stay warm in a 1+ pool hour session?

Even though the pool is 85+, it can feel cold. Students generally wear rash guards and wet suits.

May I cancel a class once begun?

The Miracle Swimming method is money back guaranteed. You may reschedule a class with a 72-hour notice.